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Welcome to Shred School 101!

I’m Aron, AKA Rad Rat. I first started teaching skateboarding tricks on YouTube 17 years ago.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been juggling injuries and health issues, and it’s been almost impossible to keep skating. I was wheelchair bound for a bit, and I used a cane for a while after that. This year, I’ve been trying to exercise and work with a physical therapist to get myself back out there on 4 wheels.

But that means I have to relearn a ton of tricks. 

So what better time is there to start up the Shred School so we can learn together?

Every week for the next couple months, we’re going to be learning a new trick. Follow along with me and show me your tricks with #ShredSchool101. At the end of the series, I’m going to pick a winner and send a prize package from Quasi Skateboards that you can use as you keep progressing. If you submit a video for each trick, you might get picked! Skill won’t really factor in. I’ll pick the skater I like most, regardless of whether you learn every single trick or not.

This will be a zero-ego series. Like I said, I’m relearning tricks myself, so I’ll be honest and upfront about the challenges of the tricks and I’ll guide you through with as much detail as possible. Often, trick tip videos are just a way to show off the cool tricks you can do. That’s not what I’m doing. I picked out the first 12 tricks you should learn, and I’m going to guide you through a new one every week, and maybe give you some variations to work on in the next week until the next trick drops.

Here are the tricks we’re going to learn:

  1. Ollie
  2. Pop shove it
  3. 180s
  4. Kickflip
  5. Railstand
  6. Frontside Shove It
  7. Heelflip
  8. Fakie bigspin
  9. Noseslide
  10. Varial kickflip
  11. Casper
  12. 50-50

These are in the order I think is best, with some harder tricks and some easier tricks built in and paced for the best way to learn. You don’t have to do them in order, if you’re watching this later. And if it’s too slow or too fast for you, that’s okay too. Learn at your own pace. I’m just here to help. Let’s have some fun! The first video in the series is available on the channel right now. I’ll see you over there!

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